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To help visualise how our sofas and chairs will work in your home, fabric and hide swatches are available to order online.

Please note we do not provide samples of the Hand Antiqued hide as this is produced individually by skilled craftsmen, and each individual piece is unique.

Add up to four samples to your order.

Ivory Image


Baobab Weave

38% Cotton, 35% Viscose, 13% Acrylic, 10% Linen, 4% Polyester

Bamboo Image


Bacara Leopard

51% Linen, 49% Cotton

Blue Image


Boathouse Ticking

100% Cotton

Brilliant Blue Image

Brilliant Blue

Annaliese Floral

82% Viscose, 18% Linen

Bronze Image


Matangi Metallic

40% Polyester, 40% Linen, 20% Viscose

Brown Image


Boathouse Ticking

100% Cotton

Navy Spectator Image

Navy Spectator

Merrion Stripe

53% Viscose, 47% Polyester

Navy Suit Image

Navy Suit

Egerton Pinstripe

100% Cotton

Ebony Image


Tarranea Zebra

82% Viscose, 18% Linen

French Chalk Image

French Chalk

Egerton Pinstripe

100% Cotton

Ink Image


Pigalle Batik

65% Linen, 26% Cotton, 9% Nylon

Ink Image


Adrien Stripe

100% Cotton

Provence Bleu Image

Provence Bleu

Annick Ticking

100% Cotton

Red Oxide Image

Red Oxide

Armand Stripe

100% Cotton

Resort Navy Image

Resort Navy

Constance Floral

82% Viscose, 18% Linen

Straw Image


Riverbed Stripe

27% Polyester, 24% Wool, 22% Acrylic, 19% Jute, 8% Cotton

Order your complimentary samples, to help visualise how our sofas and chairs will work in your home